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One more long awaited blanket

Last summer, my two neices were born. I recently finished the blanket for one, and I wanted to make the other as quickly as possible.

I found this pattern on pinterest and knew I could crank it out quickly. I used a P-sized crochet hook and 3 colors of Rainbow Classic by Purl Essence Everyday (white, bright pink, and turquoise). They are 100% acrylic but very soft. They are listed as 11 oz or 615 yards, which was more than enough to finish the blanket (more baby sized this time), but as I got to the end of the skein, I ran out of pink long before whit or blue. I know I bought cheaper yarn, but I was disappointed to find such a large discrepancy.  Lesson learned: skeins may be sold by weight and the yardage is just an estimate.

Nevertheless,  the resulting blanket was just as soft, heavy, and thick as I wanted.



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